The good, bad & ugly (AFC West edition)

This division has a lot of quarterback questions. Will David Carr of the Raiders fulfill his potential in year? Are we looking at the downfall of one of the greatest quarterbacks ever (Peyton Manning)? Can Phillip Rivers get over the hump? Will Alex Smith throw to his receivers in the red zone?

So many questions, so much to wait and see.

San Diego:

  • Good – Phillip Rivers; the contract situation is out of the way, This is a team of winners.
  • Bad – Run game; no Ryan Matthews, Melvin Gordon; a rookie coming off a injury is the number 1 guy. Can this coach get this team into the playoffs? Can the team make some noise in the playoffs?
  • Ugly – The front office; did they add enough pieces in the off season to have a good year?
  • Prediction – Division winner. Chiefs have a real chance to challenge for this title. Rivers has a lot to prove this year.

Kansas City:

  • Good – Coach; Alex Smith has benefited the most. Run game; Jamal Charles is a top 3 guy. Defense; one of the best in the league.
  • Bad – QB; Alex Smith is still iffy. The wide receivers don’t score touchdowns on this team.
  • Ugly – Offensive line. The teams wins if the line holds up. Charles gets his yards, but he can’t carry a heavy work load. Smith needs to find his receivers in the red zone. No touchdowns to wide outs in a season is ugly.
  • Prediction – The team should be a wild card team. The talent could propel them to a playoff spot. Even winning this division.


  • Good – Quarterback, Carr found his groove late in the season, Rookie WR Cooper, coach, decent defensive
  • Bad – The fans. This team has suffered and disappointed some of the greatest fans in football.
  • Ugly – The front office. You need the give the coach time to build. Also, you have to scout better. A rookie QB needs an offensive line to protect him. The Raiders should be building a line to help the future shine.
  • Prediction – Bad. Not top 10 bad. The Raiders could be a team that falls anywhere from 3 wins to 8 wins. Carr to Cooper could be the connection that puts the Raiders back on the map. Who knows what happens with this team. 6 wins is likely.


  • Good – Quarterback, Peyton Manning is one of the best ever, Front 7; Von Miller is great, Wide receivers, Thomas is top 5 at his position.
  • Bad – Quarterback, Manning is old and could be in decline. Losing the top TE Thomas. Manning loves his tight ends and slot receivers, taking a value weapons hurts.
  • Ugly – Injuries. Von Miller hurts the team. He can’t stay on the field long. He is great when he plays, but how long does he play?
  • Prediction – Let’s go out on a limb. The Broncos will be fighting for a playoff spot. Manning will be effective. The defensive will crack. 8 wins. The bottom looks to be falling out on this team. Manning with enough juice can get team to 11-12 wins. The improvements with the Chiefs and Chargers, can put the Broncos at the 3 spot in this division.

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