The good, bad & ugly (AFC North edition)

The AFC north is the best division in football. It is also the toughest. Year in, year out, it hard to determine who emerges. This year is no different.


  • Good – Constant 10 win team. Good defense. Top 10 WR ( A.J. Green). Underrated coach.
  • Bad- Andy Dalton; can he get the team over the hump. Run game; no clear cut number 1 back. Questionable tight end situation
  • Ugly – Can’t catch a break. Tough division, which means 10 wins is not enough.
  • Prediction – 8 wins; Ravens should be better than last year. The Bengals don’t get swept often. Can win games that can get them in the wild card hunt. But they will end up on the outside looking in. The coach and quarterback could be on the hot seat this season. Does it matter to both?


  • Good – Winning team. Good quarterback, coach, defense.
  • Bad – Run game; since Ray Rice is gone, no one has stepped up to be the guy. Justin Forsett is good, but can he be good for a whole year?  The wide receivers; the Ravens never have been known to have a top wide out. Steve Smith is good, but he is on his way out of the door. Plus, he can’t do it alone.
  • Ugly – Steve Smith retiring. Injuries; Suggs has a problem staying healthy.
  • Prediction – Playoffs. 10+ wins. Second in the division. At least the second round of playoffs. Joe Flacco can be a top 5 quarterback by year end.


  • Good – Coach, RB, WR (top 3), Front 7
  • Bad – Secondary WR, TE, DB’s
  • Ugly – Injuries. Play of the offensive line.
  • Prediction – Division winner. Third seed. Who knows what happens with this team. Can Ben keep going at a top level? Can Bell keep it going? Will the Bengals pose a threat? Who knows! The Steelers will need some luck to advance.


  • Good – Joe Haden, Joe Thomas, The fans.
  • Bad – Another bad season. The fans (more suffering).
  • Ugly – Another season of suffering. Looking at a top 5 pick. The front office.
  • Prediction – Johnny Manziel should/could be starting by week 5. More than 4 wins will be a surprise. Drafting another QB could push this team further back. Lots of questions. Not a lot of answers. A good quarterback is holding this team back. Manziel brings the media, he won’t bring wins.

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