NFL week 1 recap

The 2014-15 NFL season was in one word, surprising.

Here are some things we learned.

1) The week one upsets mean nothing. This happens every year. Tom Brady has done this the past 2-3 years. The Pats are still a top 5 team. Aaron Rodgers will bounce back big this weekend versus the Jets. The Jets and Titans will show how they really are soon.

2) Megatron might be top 5 all time when the season ends. Calvin Johnson is a match up nightmare. You can see how Matt Stafford can throw for 4,000 plus yards 3-4 years straight. It is almost unfair what he does on the field. The thing stopping him is injuries.

3) The NFL and TMZ dropped the ball. Let be real about something. The NFL knew Rice hit that woman. TMZ is a gossip site. They sell info to the highest bidder. The NFL did not want the tape to leak. TMZ was waiting for that NFL money before they leaked the tape. The footage inside the elevator could have been came out. And yes, the 2 games was garbage. But TMZ could have exposed this woman beater a long time ago.

4) Backup QB’s are the early MVP’s. No Cam, no problem. Johnny Football sitting, great for everyone. Kirk Cousins waiting, means the Skins have trade bait or a QB who does not have a lot of wear and tear. Hey Texans, you have a guy who learned under Brady. He might be the guy to run things.

5) Seattle  might repeat. Barring a major injury, this team looked strong in week 1. It’s not like they were playing a fluke. They were against a top 5 QB in the league. And they made him look like a 6th round third string guy. Wilson is not the best QB, his strength is being a smart player. With Lynch running like crazy and Harvin being a all-world guy. All this team needs to do is score 21 and let the defense do the dirty work.

6) TMZ is becoming a credible news out….. but they are still a gossip site. Like I said in #3. TMZ could have been leaked the footage. They wanted to have a name in the news with all the excitement with week 1. As far as media goes, it was a smart move. As far domestic violence goes, it was bad. Very very bad. Rice had no business playing this year. But Goddell had to give him a lighter sentence because the fans and media has jumped on his back for being too hard before. Let these suit and ties do there jobs like it or not.


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