2013 NFL awards preview

This past 2013 NFL was crazy.

We had the Jets end at .500. And the 10 win Cards are out. But these awards and playoffs will be crazier.


Who should win: Nick Foles. So what if he is not the favorite. This man threw only 2 INTS on the year. So what if he was a mid-season replacement. The Eagles don’t make the playoffs without him under center. Throw in the fact he played for a rookie coach, and you will see this guy deserves the award.

Who will win: Peyton Manning. He broke a record this season. It’s hard to vote against that.

Offensive player of the year

Who should win: Foles or LeSean McCoy. Foles, see above. McCoy led the league in rushing. This is a passing league and for him to get 1600 plus. This is a big goal.

Who will win: Manning. See above MVP post.

Defensive player of the year

Who should win: Richard Sherman. Love him or hate him. The man is a star and he still managed to lead the league in INTS this season.

Who will win: Sherman

Honorable mention: Robert Mathis. 19.5 sacks and 8 forced fumbles. Both led the league.

Offensive rookie of the year

Who should win: Coin flip. Either Keenan Allen or Eddie Lacy. Lacy finished a year where he started with an injury and still managed to get over 1,000 yards (1,178). That says a lot. Allen was able to get 8 touchdowns on a team where the run game was not there. A rookie being the number 1 passing option says a lot.

Who will win: Lacy. He was one of the favorites from the start.

Defensive rookie of the year

Who should win: Kiko Alonso. He finished with the third most tackles all season (159). This guy deserves props for over coming the odds.

Who will win: Sheldon Richardson. Becoming a powerful defensive tackle will earn you awards. Richardson was one of the lone bright spots on this bad Jets team.

Coach of the year

Who will win: Chip Kelly. He was not supposed to be this good. The Eagles were suppose to be a bad team. Not a team headed into the playoffs. Plus Kelly had the number 1 rusher and the most effective QB most of the year. He wins by a long shot.

Who should win: Kelly.

Team of the year

Who should win: Carolina Panthers. Lets see what they did. 12 wins. Beat out the Saints for the division. 3-1 against the AFC. No real run game and the #2 seed.

Who will win: Denver Broncos. MVP Peyton Manning is the QB. #1 seed in the playoffs. 3 teams for division made the playoffs.

Bust of the year: You could the Redskins here. The team went from 10 wins to 3. Or the Super Bowl champs Ravens who only managed to get 8 wins and miss the playoffs. But the pick is the Atlanta Falcons. This team won only 4 games all year. Asking Tony Gonzalez to come back might not have been a good move. Granted the team was bothered by injuries to their 2 best WR’s. Best they could have did better than 4 wins.

Coach who should have been fired 1st: Mike Smith. Yes Gary Kubiak was back. But Smith did less with more. Yes Smith had led the team deep in the playoffs, but those games meant nothing. The Falcons would fall apart when the game was on the line. Let’s see how long he makes it this all season.


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