NFL midseason report – AFC

We are halfway done with the 2013 NFL season. Here is how the AFC looks.

1. The Chiefs are the best thing going. What better story is there in the NFL this year than the Chiefs. First they have two castaways, Andy Reid and Alex Smith, who are not suppose to be doing good. And they have a team that is still undefeated. Granted the teams they beat are under .500. But wins are wins.

2. The Ravens, Steelers and Texans need to rebuild. Starting over is never easy. Most team look at getting a new QB as the reason to start anew. But that is always not the case.

a. The Texans need a new coach and QB. Gary Kubiak should have been fired long time ago. And Matt Schaub was good for a little while. This team has a lot of talent and never plays well.

b. The Ravens are the champs. The team has a good general manager. His off season moves this year have big question marks all over the team. You let your number 1 wideout walk away for pennies. You let your number 2 leader on the team leave. You lose 3 of the 4 starting linebackers. Nothing was going to be good about this year. Joe Flacco is ok. But he is not a leader. This team need a real leader to move on.

c. The Steelers are history when it comes to the sport of football. But the Steelers are also old. The team has drafted a good running back in Le’Veon Bell, but what else do they have to show for in draft picks and free agent signings? Some new blood is needed on this team to turn it around.

3. Tom Brady needed Gronk. The Pats offense looked bleak early on in the season. After Rob Gronkowski returned, things are starting to look up for Brady and the boys. The Pats are good at 7-2. So the AFC will have to worry about them the next 9 weeks.

4. Denver is falling under the spell of Peyton Manning. Manning will go down as one of the greatest players of all time. His biggest flaw is playoff time and tight situations. Granted Denver trails the Chiefs, but the strong start is looking not so good at the moment. Peyton needs to get it together. The Broncos fans need to pray the bye week did him some good.

5. The AFC West is the new kings in football. The Chiefs are undefeated. Denver will put 40 on the board. San Diego will keep the game tight. And the Raiders, you can’t underestimate them.

6. The Jets will suprise people. Geno Smith has had a up and down rookie season. But the Jets are still in it. If the playoffs started today, they would be a 6 seed. It’s not that much that Rex Ryan and the Jets can do to mess up this season.



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