Week one – NBA

Here is what we learned about the first week of the 2013-14 NBA season.

1) The Sixers are putting on a good front. We all know that the Sixers, Suns, Raptors and Portland are looking to lose. These teams are trying to rebuild, but the early of the part shows us that Sixers should not be in the tanking category, just yet.

2) The Lakers would be smart to dump Kobe. Team is kicking out a lot of money on a guy who is injury prone and stunting the growth of the younger players. The team needs to cut ties while they can get some value back for him.

3) The Nets could beat the Heat in the playoffs. If Jason Kidd works it right, the Nets talent could take out the Heat. Kidd would need to rest KG and Pirece thought out the season. These would need to take some games off in order to rest there old bones. If this is done, the team would have a shot and win Kidd the coach of the year title.

4) Westbrook is moving too fast. The best than for the Thunder is for Westbrook to rest up and chill. No need to rush back. The team will need you more in the second half of the season, than the first. Just think, OKC looking strong. Maybe sitting at the 4-6 spot all  without Westbrook. Then you get your star point back who sat at home for months. PLC would jump to the top of the West. Returning this week is not a good move for the team.


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