Is Flacco worth it?

This is how you are supposed to gain leverage getting a new deal.

Joe Flacco has gone from good Ro great in 3 games. This type of run is almost unheard of.

Flacco managed to go a whole post season with an int. Throw in the 11 Td’s and Super Bowl MVP, and you are looking at a man who will be very rich soon.

The Ravens can say what they want.  Signing Flacco means giving him at least 15 million a year. But the real question is, is he worth it?

Flacco has shown that he can be big time. I mean, he does have a playoff win for year of his career. With 3 AFC title games. A Super Bowl win and MVP. The things he needed to do to get the money, he did.

But was it enough? I say no.

I’m still not sold on Flacco. Let I said, I think he is a good quarterback. His problem, he does not play to win. He seems to have one good half, and the other he is not into it at all.

Did the Ravens beat two of the best quarterbacks ever (Brady & Manning) to get to the big game, yes. But those two games could have gone either way. Flacco never played like he wanted to win.

Even if you look at the Super Bowl, yes he had 3 Td’s. all 3 coming in the first half. To be honest. Jacoby jones saved Flacco twice. The under thrown TD in the 2nd was jones making a great play. And the kickoff return to open the 2nd half were the plays that kept Baltimore ahead. Not Flacco running away from the pressure in the second half.

The ravens won the game. Flacco’s 3 first half Td’s were the reason he won MVP. The 0 int’s for the whole playoffs was very impressive.

But I still say that Flacco is not big time enough for the ravens to break the bank on. The only way he justifies the money, he has to take over as leader of this team and lead then back to the big game in the next 2 years.


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