NFC Wild Card preview

Here are the games on tap for the 2013 NFC Wild Card playoffs.

Vikings vs Packers – These teams are divison rivials. So that makes for a fun match-up. Throw in the Vikings needed to beat the Pack to get into the playoffs adds more fun to this game. The Packers are always strong at Lambeau Field. The ‘frozen tundra’ is not kind to those who in the months of December and January. This game will come down to the quarterbacks. Will Aaron Rodgers continue to come up big or will he play like he did early in the season? Will Christan Ponder continue his slump or find his groove. These are the questions that need to be asked. Whatever QB plays good, his team will win. Adrian Peterson is a monster. He is a MVP candiate and he led this team to this game. If he avoids injury, he will get his. He just needs his team to back him up. The outcome will be a Packers win. This team rarely loses at home in January. Plus Ponder is good for an INT. Turnovers kill teams and lose games in the playoffs.

Redskins vs Seahawks – This game features a lot storylines. First you have two of the three possible rookies of the year (Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III). You also have 3rd round pick Wilson and 6th round pick Alfred Morris shining as unknown stars. You have two legendary coaches. And 2 tough defenses. Who wins this game? That is a good question. The two quarterbacks are mobile. And the both teams have good running backs. The WR are suspect, but the Redskins have the advantage. On paper the Redskins have the edge in match-ups. But the Seahawks have played better teams and won bigger games. The Redskins will keep it tight. The Seahawks will pull out a little second last minute field to win this game. RGIII will have a better game than Wilson, but the Seahawks defense will be better than the Redskins.


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