Someone over Phil Jackson

So the Lakers have there coach. No it’s not the coach everyone wanted.

It was reported that Phil Jackson was in line to accept the job of coaching the Lakers for a third time. But the time decided to go with Mike D’Antoni. To some, it comes as a surprise. I see D’Antoni being a better fit for the time.

What does not make since is that D’Antoni had knee surgery and can’t travel for some time. The Lakers have a coach, but he can’t do much yet.

Jackson is a great coach. He might be the greatest coach of all time. Only Red Auerbach has more titles, but Phil is/was cult figure. Jackson would have had a hard time trying to get these players to buy into his system late in the season.

With D’Antoni, it’s simple. Go score. The Lakers have two of the best defenders in the in Kobe and Dwight Howard. They know defense. They do not need D’Antoni teach that. They need points. The people in LA come to see the team score points and win games. D’Antoni will get you the points.

It will interesting to see how the Lakers let D’Antoni run his little defensive scheme. Mike Brown was not the best coach, but the Lakers could keep the score low under him.

More news should be floating out about what really went down behind the scenes. If the Lakers walked away from Phil Jackson, the owners son must have gotten into daddy’s ear. There beef has been ongoing even though Jackson and his sister are an item.


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