NFL awards (so far)

MVP – Peyton Manning. Lets be real no one saw this coming. You might have thought Manning would do ok, but Manning being Manning with the talent of the Broncos was hard to imagine. He is doing a great job and has the slight edge over Matt Ryan. It’s helps that Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady are having bad years.

Offensive MVP – Percy Harvin. He is a jack of all trades. He runs, catches and plays special teams. He is the only reciever that matters on his team and he still managers to shine.

Defensive MVP – JJ Watt/Charles Tillman (tie). It was hard to pick one over the other. Both have big impacts on the success of both teams. The Bears and Texans have a combined 2 loses on the season. These guys are the reason the teams are winning.

Offsensive MVP – Robert Griffin III. He has the slight edge over Luck. RGIII has to deal with injuries golare. He has the Redskins in each and every game this year. Luck has the better record, but he has not had to go though the things RGIII has went though so far.

Defensive MVP – Chandler Jones. Starting for New England and keeping the job as a rookie is major. Jones has been somewhat of a steal in the draft. He could have went higher. The Pats are making teams pay for not taking. This is his award to lose.

Most improved – Vincent Jackson. The Chargers let his walk. The Bucs have found there answer to the passing game. The are at .500 and play in a tough divison. They can only get better.

Coach – The Colts coaching staff. A rookie QB. A coach with a major health issue. Rookies, older players and no hope. Team on the verge of the playoffs. The award should go here if the team finishes at .500 or above.


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