NFL week 4 preview

From Monday night to Wednesday night, things in the NFL have been interesting. The subs are out and the real refs are back. Bout time. With the real refs back, what can we expect for week 4?

– Don’t look for things to go back to normal. The real refs have been out for some time, so they are out of shape and not caught up on the new rules. Mistakes may be made this weekend.

– The most popular teams should be back on track. The NFL is all about money. Big money teams get the calls. The real refs are used to that instead of calling clean games (at times).

– The Browns vs  Ravens game might be close. The Ravens should blow out the Browns. But the way the season has been going, bottom ranked teams are playing well this year. This game will be no different.

– Less flags, quicker games. The players treated the replacements like sub teachers, they showed them no respect. The real refs are back. The injury report for the week should be shorter.

– Game of the week: Saints vs Green Bay. Both teams need a win. Both teams are suffering this year. The loser of this game may miss playoffs this year. Two of the top 3 QB’s are playing against each other. Look for a close game that will come down to the final 2 minutes.

– Peyton Manning having a good season could be based on the game with the Raiders this week. Is the neck an issue for Manning, yes. Do the Broncos need a top talent on offense to help Manning, yes. Can the Broncos do better this year than last, not sure. But the one thing we know for sure is this. Decker, Thomas and McGahee need to step help and help Peyton. If not, the season is over before it even begins.

– Atlanta could and should average 34 points for the rest of the season. Playing Carolina should help in getting a good role how the season should progress.

– With all the talk about rules and what is and is not a catch, I almost agree with the sub refs on Monday night.


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