What we learned in week 1 (FBS)

In college football, there seems to be a storyline every week.

Week 1 was no different. Here is what we learned.

Wisconsin – Montee Ball is the man. He picked up from where he left off last year. Replacing Wilson with MD transfer O’Brien was a good move. He is not as mobile, but he is still a good pocket passer.

New era – Two top powerhouse are on the road to something new. Penn St is playing there first season in decades without JoePa on the sidelines. The team will play under a microscope all season. This week they did not step up at home. Things can get better. Things can get worse. Who knows. What we do know, all mistakes will rule over the good.

Oklahoma State – 84 points!!! I don’t care who you play, 84 points means something. This is a team that lost there 2 most important offensive weapons and still put up 84, wow.

Michigan vs Bama – Let’s get something out of the way. Michigan was over hyped to start the season. Top 10 is a big reach. At best they are a top 25 team. I would have put them between 15-20. The defense did nothing. Alabama’s offense gets no love. The defense did a good job. But The offense put the points on the board to help ease the job of the defense. We see why the Tide are champs and might repeat.


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