NFL preview rankings (6-12)

12. NY Giants – You have to respect the champs. They are known for flip-flopping seasons. One season bad, the next good. Eli is clutch. Look for the Giants to be closer to 8-9 wins than to 10-11 wins.

11. Bills – The Mario Williams signing was a huge help. The team should make a playoff run. But the Bills are the Bills. You could get something good. Or you could get something bad. This season should be good for them.

10. NY Jets – The Tebow trade will help. It will make the team see if Sanchez is the one or not. Plus, Tebow is a good winner and leader. The Jets have a good defensive led by the best corner in the game. Their flaws lie in the big mouth coach and not giving Revis the money he wants. Playoffs, yes. Getting to the Super Bowl, that is up in the air.

9. Eagles – Here is the good, bad & ugly on the Eagles.


Steve Smith is signed.

The Redskins have a rookie QB.

The Cowboys have wideouts who could hurt the team.

The NFC East is theirs.


The NFC is deep this year.

The champs are in their division.


Andy Reid is on the hot seat.

No real defensive coordinator.

Vick is signed to a 100 million dollar deal.

8. Detroit – The Lions have the best WR in the game. The Lions also have a QB who will be a star. The major offensive flaw is the run. Suh in the middle of that def should help the offensive out a lot. The Lions will make a playoff run this year. The only problem is trying to get past the Bears in this deep division.

7. San Francisco – The team no one rooted for until it was too late to jump on the bandwagon. They upgraded the offensive by signed Randy Moss. This should help Alex Smith out a lot. The defensive is still the strength of this team. Smith needs to use his weapons keep calm. The 49ers could be in the conference title game again.

6. Chicago – Cutler to Marshall was a deadly sight in the Denver. And the Bears brung the too of them back together again. Cutler did not have anyone to throw to. Marshall gives him a big weapon. When teams double Marshall, Forte, the tight ends and other receiver will benefit big time. The defense is getting old. But Peppers can hold his own and cause havoc.


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