Pete’s (Carroll) last stand

Great College coaches do not always succeed in the pros.

Pete Carroll is no different. Not saying Carroll can’t be a great pro coach, but so far, he is shaky.

His last two big moves can make or break his career.

I’m not behind the scenes. There may be some things I don’t see. I just see a team on the rise and a coach who seems unsure.

Two moves that were made recently show Pete may be on his way out the door. Hot seat status.

First, he has chosen to start rookie Russell Wilson at QB.  Matt Flynn, free agent QB, off-season signing, should be the guy. Flynn has time under belt. Flynn has shown he can play the game. Flynn is a vet. Wilson has shown flashes of being good. But this team needs a guy who has seen the field in the pros and knows what the playoffs and Super Bowl look like.

Russell Wilson will get his. But a rookie should not be the number 1 guy when you made other moves. If Wilson were a top 10 pick, maybe. But the team already had Flynn on the roster when they drafted Wilson. It’s not even like Flynn played bad in the pre-season.

Why sign Flynn if you want to draft a QB who you plan on starting? Pete is making a move that could end his career.

Both have played well this pre-season. But Flynn should be the guy to lead this team until his play says otherwise.

Second, cutting T.O. You can say what you want about Owens. But at 39 he is still a top 25 WR.

The rumors say he is the same ole guy who ruined locker rooms. I’m not sure how true that is.

If Owens is still a cancer, why did the team sign him? The team had time to interview him and interact before giving him a deal.

The drop passes did not help T.O. But he was still getting open deep to drop those passes. The timing he needs to adjust to the QB’s would have come by week 2. Owens and Braylon Edwards together could have been the key to get those young guys in shape and acting right.

I would hate to lose my job to a 39-year-old. It should have been something to motivate them young WR’s to succeed.

Carroll and this team needs WR. Rice can’t stay on the field. And the team seem to have lost faith in Golden Tate. They still have other weapons. But back to back 7-9 seasons will have the higher-ups looking at you closely.

The Seahawks need work. The talent is there and the defense will keep them in games. Carroll needs his offense to improve to keep his job. Let’s see if Seattle will be looking for a new head coach after the season.


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