Coaches on the hot seat

5. Norv Turner (Chargers) – Coach of the San Diego Chargers. One of the mytersies among NFL coaches hired, is how does he keep getting top jobs? He is a good offensive coordinator, but a Head Coach is not a good look for him. His Chargers teams have been stacked with talent and have had little success. The fans in SD will be calling for his head after this year. Norv needs to make a good playoff run to keep his job and the fans filling the stadium.

4. Andy Reid (Eagles) – Lets see, 5 conference title games. One Super Bowl. Coaching a team in the best and hardest conference (NFC East). Still employed even if you haven’t had a lot of success of the years. That is Andy Reid for you. Some say, he should been let go last year. The Eagles have built a super team. If a conference title game or Super Bowl is not how you end the season, expect major moves to go down in the off season. Mike Vick is a 100 million dollar man, so losing the coach seems like the better move. Andy Reid needs to make some noise, or he might be looking for a new job.

3. Rex Ryan (Jets) – Makes noise every year. Puts out good teams on the field. No Super Bowl, but he came close twice. Ryan is setting himself up this year. Say what you want, the Tebow trade will help more than hurt. If Sanchez can’t take the heat, then these past 3 years were a fluke. Tebow is a winner. Sanchez is ok, but he needs to show more in order to keep his starting job and save his coach. Throw in the ongoing Revis situation and you can see why Rex needs to make some major moves.

2. Lovie Smith (Bears) – The Bears will get no love. And Lovie will get no credit. This team should be among the elite. Yes, Smith has something to do with it. But the health of players has some impact on it also. Your starting QB Jay Cutler can’t stay on the field and he is a gunslinger (ie Brett Farve). You never had a real WR. The offensive line has always been suspect. And the defensive is strong, but the offensive never really  gave them anything. The 2012-13 season should be different. Cutler appears to have grown up. Brandon Marshall is on board at WR. We all remember there days in Denver. So Lovie and the Bears have a team on paper who should be able to make strong run this year. The thing that is stopping them is the North has gotten stronger. The Packers are always at the top of the division. But the Lions made a push last year that should carry over to the next. The Bears need to pray for a wildcat spot. If not, Smith maybe looking for a job next year.

1. Gary Kubiak (Texans) – The best team who can never get over the hump. 6 years, one playoff run. Most coaches would have gotten fired with this lack of success and so much talent. Kubiak has a nice young QB (Schaub), best RB in the game (Foster), a top 3 WR (Johnson) and a defensive that always ends up in the top 10. These should equal playoffs every year. In Kubiak’s case they do not. This year is make it or break it. The front office must be laying off on him. He coaches like his job is safe. No one should feel like they can’t get fired tomorrow. The Texans play in the AFC South. So a 11-12 win season should not be hard. You the Colts and a rookie QB. The Jags who might need the number pick next year. And the Titans who have no idea who the QB will be. Kubiak has to do more than wins games. A deep playoff run is what is needed to help his team and save his job.

Left off list:

Jason Garrett (Cowboys) – Almost made the list. Jerry Jones loves this guy. The Miles Austin injury hurt him. The talk of getting rid of Romo, save Garrett for another 2 years. Romo will take the hit if the team does not do well. For Garrett, this saves his job.

Mike Smith (Atlanta) – Same as Garrett, the QB will take the hit for the bad. Matt Ryan is the one who looks bad to the fans. Smith does have to take the blame for the playoff game last year. But all the other stuff falls on Ryan. Whatever Ryan does, Smith will skate by for another year. If the Falcons don’t make noise, Smith will be on this list next year.

Pete Carroll (Seahawks) – Playoffs, yes. Sub-par record, yes. Looking bad but just getting by will only last for so long. Carroll needs a 9 win season and another playoff upset to avoid the hot seat. This year, he will have 3 QB’s to play around with. Hopefully a above .500 record will fall in his lap.



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