NFL preview rankings (28-32)

32) Jacksonville

31) Oakland

30) Titans

This is the 2012-13 battle for the #1 pick. Chances are the pick will be USC quarterback Matt Barkley. The Jags missed out on Tim Tebow. This team really needs to lose in order to have a chance to improve. The Jags have so many positions to upgrade, the number 1 pick will go here.

The Raiders and Titans are a coin flip. The Raiders have been bad for a long time. Getting Carson Palmer ruined this season. The team gave up to much to get a player when they already had a decent QB (Jason Campbell) on the roster. Palmer is old and the Raider offensive line is bad. Throw in the running backs can’t stay healthy and you see why they are ranked so low. Oh yeah, the wideouts don’t help either. The could be the worst be the team. And the Titans are not far behind them. The QB situation does not bode well with this team. The team should let Jake Locker go and see what they have. But no one wants to lose (at least in the eyes of the people). But the future is with Locker. Matt Hasselback had a good career. He should be a clipboard holder and let this team try to build for the future. Let’s see what happens.

29)Cleveland – The Browns are bad. They missed out on both RGIII and Andrew Luck. They blame the worst on a QB who has no OL to block for him. They draft 2 quarterbacks in a 3 year period. They do not have a decent WR. And the team needs help. What do they do? You start the rebuilding process with a 28 year old rookie who will be out of the league in another 5 years. You hope for free agents to come in. The Browns might surpass the Raiders and Jags in the race for Barkley. Holgram is too good of a executive to let this team lose more than 5 games. That is why they fall at 29.

28) Miami – The team traded away there number 1 wideout (bad move). They reached for a QB in the draft (dumb). They wanted to underpay for a QB (Matt Flynn). At least they have a 1000 yard back. The defensive is not too bad. Based on Reggie Bush’s performance last year, this team could pull out 4-6 wins. They do not have much as trade bait. Let’s see how things fall for them. Miami and Cleveland will be fighting for elite losers.


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