2012 NBA draft preview

First thing first, the only lock is Anthony Davis going number 1 to the Hornets. After that, everything else is up in the air.

Let’s look at number 2. The Bobcats, believe or not, are in a better position at number 2 than 1. If they had the first pick, the pressure would make them take Davis. With the number 2 pick, the team should stockpile more picks and players to at least look decent next year.

The way Jordan has been running the team, look for the Bobcats to keep the pick and select Harrison Barnes out of the University of North Carolina Tar Heels. Yes, the same school owner Michael Jordan made his name at. If Barnes is not pick, Bradley Beal goes here. The Bobcats would be smart to let the pick go and rebuild, but they will not.

The Wizards hold number 3. Matter fact, let’s look at 3-10. The picks after 1 & 2 will have at least 2 trades. The Rockets have been making moves the past couple of days. So expect them to jump into the top 10. The rumor’s are Barnes and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist do not want to go the Kings, so look for them to move down.

From 3 to 10, look for Kidd-Gilchrist, Thomas Robinson, Austin Rivers and at least 2 reaches for the UConn duo of Jeremy Lamb and Andre Drummond. Throw in a foreign born player and there you have the top 10 picks.

Yes players from UNC will fall. Tyler Zeller, nice big body, but he will be a 6th man for at least 3 years. John Henson, too small. Kendall Marshall, needs to reasure teams he can play 82 games.

The draft will have it’s ups, downs and why did you pick him. I hope you are like me and watch every bit of it. I can’t wait until tomorrow. I know at 5 teams will make the wrong moves and it’s fun to watch them blow up. 


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