Thunder shocked the Spurs

The OKC Thunder finally pull out a win and look like a team that wants the title.

Coach Brooks finally made the change from taking Westbrook off of Parker and letting Thabo Sefolosha do the work instead. This tactic was two games too late. But whatever works, works.

Parker had some trouble with he 6-7 Sefolosha. He was only able to get 16 points. So far Parker has average over 22 points for both games.

The Thunder will need another performance like game 3 to stay alive in this series. Perkins and Ibaka were good. But they have to defend the pick and roll better. The two stepped it up in game 3, but can they keep it going for the rest of the series.

Game 3 showed us all something. The Thunder are a good young team. They have a high impact scorer (Durant), good bench (Harden = 6th man of the year) and a point guard who can light it up. What the team needs is for Durant to be the man. Westbrook to set the tone and Harden to do his thing. Game 3 is what we all expect the Thunder to be.

Will the team, or should I say Westbrook, let game 3 be the guide to the NBA title series? It remains to be seen. Westbrook has a lot of Gilbert Arenas in him. And that is not a good thing. If you keep the ego in check, we are looking at the next champs.

Game 4 will be a bigger game than a lot of people think.


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