Why the Pacers should win

It’s really only one game, game 5, where the Pacers looked bad. For all the bad shooting, the Pacers are hanging with the Heat.

This is why the Pacers should win game 6. It is rare when a team shoots this bad over the course of a week. Granted the Pacers are a team of role players. Granger and maybe West, are the big names on the team. But no playoff teams shoot as bad as they are over 5 games.

At some point Granger’s shot will fall. And West will preform like he did with the Hornets. If this happens, the Heat will be knocked out of the playoffs.

The 2 suspended players will help the Pacers get by in game 6. Granger and West are the keys to going beyond.

Game 7 should be going down. And don’t be surprised to see Bosh make a return.


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