Why the Pacers should not win

Plain and simple, bad shooting.

Let’s be real. The Pacers are a team of role players. Granted, Granger is nice. But he not going to put up 25-30 points on a regular basis.

Yes the Pacers have 2 wins in this series on there side. And the Heat should have won this in 4.

The Pacers can’t shoot and could never shoot. When you shoot this bad for 5 games, the tide should turn.

But will it? Will Granger’s shot fall? Will LeBron turn into the pillow he was in game 2? Will Wade’s knee keep him upright? So many questions, not a lot of answers.

Let’s see what happens in game 6. Don’t be surprised to see the Pacers shoot cold from the floor and have no answer in the 4th when the game is tight.


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