Vilma sues the commish

Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of Jonathan Vilma. I think he is a good player in the NFL.

But what someone did not tell him, he is a fool. You are suing your bosses boss because you think he does not have proof about something.

Goodell has made some strong moves since he has been in charge of the league. But Vilma fails to realize someone else told the NFL that he, his boss (Coach Payton), his bosses assistant (Gregg Williams) and others were in some sort of pay to play system.

And your boss, his assistant and the general manager all some type of knowledge and did nothing to stop it. When the coaches and GM recieved there puishments, they stopped. Said nothing. Took it on the chin, and accpeted what happened.

Vilma, no. He wants to make a big deal out of all of this. He has something to prove. What he is trying to prove is the mystery. Most people feel like he is wrong and was involved in some way. You can listen to the Gregg Williams recording and tell something went on.

Throw in the fact that Vilma is one of the highest paid defensive players in the league and you can see how you believe the story.

I’m not saying Vilma did it. But the best thing for him to do is try to get the one suspension knocked down. With all the noise he is making, things are going to get worse.

If he follows his coach and GM, no one would talk about it and everything will be swept under the rug.


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